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Why I Would Never Marry A Woman

I’m lost for words on this one. Honestly.

A Buick in the Land of Lexus


I don’t care if they legalize gay marriage throughout the galaxy, two women together is an anathema.

It’s no secret that I was seriously involved with two in my lifetime:

Debby, who I met when I was a phone girl in a whore house, and Nicolette, my beautiful, impossibly bitchy lesbian girlfriend.

For the record, I don’t identify as bisexual, or pan sexual, (someone sexually attracted to pancakes) or gender fluid, (like transmission fluid, only more difficult to find at Home Depot) or polysexual, or any of that crap.

If I had to say which gender I’ve been in love with and had relationships with more, it would be men. But my attraction to women has existed for as long as my sexuality has.

When I fall in love, or lust, I don’t hold anyone’s gender against them.


Well. Actually, when possible, I try to avoid falling in love with women…

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No Ordinary

There’s this statement I’ve been hearing so much off late…”I don’t get you”,”you changed”,”I don’t know who you are anymore”…
I’m tempted to lash back with a I-don’t-know-who-I-am-too reply you know,just to piss off the other party.

It wasn’t me who said a change is as good as a rest but I am saying it now,yes,a change is as good as a rest. You don’t think so? Mmmh-h what I’m trying to say is normal is boring,sanity is monotonous…we all have to go out there and be crazy once in a while.

I love crazy,I love weird,I love spontaneity, I love not being normal and boring and all that normal stuff. Being ordinary is an option I’m not choosing.