Of Clearing School and Befriending Bata Ngomas

Yes,it’s the harsh reality. I’m just from laughing my barely existing ass off when one of my high scholl friends joked on our whatsapp group that she dawned on rubber shoes to make it in the cruel job search journey. I didn’t laugh because it was funny but because I felt myself in her words.
I personally don’t know where to start,all I’ve done is sit in the comfort of my bed and send out a few CV’s to here and there. Now I think I’ll sacrifice that 399 bob head to Bata get a well fitting pair of black rubber shoes (I can always polish them once they start “beating”) and hit the road…office to office,door to door until I get myself some job.
For those of you who are in my shoes,rubber shoes, don’t give up. I’ve seen people give up just as they were about to get to the gold. Our rubber shoes may wear out but at the end of it all lies our success in wait.
Don’t give up.
So help me God.


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